1. Copper 12 Gauge
    Copper 12 Gauge
    Solid copper offers the finest protection
  2. Galvanized Steel 7 Gauge
    Galvanized Steel 7 Gauge
    Our special zinc galvanizing process doubles the life of the vault. Shown in silver. Available in other colors
  3. Galvanized Steel 12 Gauge
    Galvanized Steel 12 Gauge
    A unique combination of lasting value and protection. Shown in statuary. Available in other colors.
  4. Aluminum 0.125”
    Aluminum 0.125”
    Our aluminum vaults are crafted from 1/8” thick series 5052 aluminum. Shown in Deep River Blue. Available in other colors.
  5. Steel 10 Gauge
    Steel 10 Gauge
    Affordable, uncompromising protection. Shown in burnished bronze.

Clark Burial Vaults

Burial vaults are permanent outer enclosures designed to support the weight of
the soil and cemetery equipment.  A burial vault will give you peace of mind by
protecting your loved one and the casket against water and weight damage.