What We Do
Leave all of the details to us.
At Domoney Funeral Home we are honored to serve the families who have chosen our firm in their time of need.  We know that it’s difficult to trust just anyone when it comes to making funeral arrangements for your loved one.  We strive to provide a clear understanding of the services and charges associated with your loved one’s funeral.  You can be assured of warm, compassionate, quality care.  Domoney Funeral Home, family owned and operated since 1904, provides the tradition of caring, sympathetic understanding to all the families we serve, not only in Osborne county, but all of North Central Kansas.

We will always do everything possible to merit the confidence you have placed in us.
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Our Services
Domoney's offers the following types of funeral services:

Traditional Funeral

Graveside Service

Direct Cremation

The funeral takes place at the church or funeral home. Visitation for the family and friends is the evening before the service either at the funeral home or church. We encourage our families to bring photos and other personal items to be displayed during the visitation and funeral. 

 The funeral takes place directly at the gravesite at the cemetery. Visitation
can be the night before or one hour prior to the funeral service at the
cemetery. We encourage our families to bring photos and other personal items to
be displayed.

 Arrangements are made without a visitation and funeral service.

Funeral Service With Cremation at a Later Date

Memorial Service

Arrangements are similar to the traditional funeral service. Following the funeral service the deceased will be taken to a crematory.
Funeral services are held without the deceased present. A visitation, burial or cremation may have preceded the service.
Planning the Service
Families often overlook the value of a ceremony after the death of a loved one, and we don’t want you to make that mistake. We want you to honor your loved one in a way that you can look back years from now and be thankful that you did the best to honor their life.  Creating a ceremony that brings together hearts and minds of all who loved them is an essential part of the grieving process. A gift of memories, a gift of healing, a gift of grieving together, ...a truly priceless gift of peace-of-mind.

At Domoney Funeral Home, we strive to give  the families we serve appropriate and meaningful services that celebrate the life
of their loved one. 

Our directors and staff will assist the family with all of the arrangements including: finalizing information for the death certificate and obituary, contacting all members involved with the service (i.e. clergy, pallbearers, cemetery, etc.), and personalization of the memorial folder.

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After the Service
Join the local weekly Grief Support Group every Tuesday at the Zion Lurtheran Church.